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How should I spray perfume? 

Where to spray to stay longer?

I believe this is a common doubt for many people who are new to perfume.


Not to mention, although not tried, but spray nostrils with this technique, you will be able to linger in your head, leaving a super long fragrance.

If possible, you do not want to spray perfume in the future ...

Today, we will share with you, how to spray perfume in the end? The spray was to stay longer?

In the introduction of my exclusive perfume spraying techniques before, first, take a look at a few perfume textbook spraying methods:

Seven-point method

First spray the perfume on the left and right wrist veins, the middle finger of both hands as well as the ring finger gently touch the wrist veins, then gently touch the back of the following ears and neck, then spray the perfume on the left and right sides of the waist with the sprayer.

The left and right fingers touch the waist spray respectively, then touch the inside of the thighs with the perfumed fingers, the inside of the knees of the left and right legs, the inside of the ankles, which is the seven-point method of spraying perfume.

The seven-point method is correct from the perspective of perfume diffusion. 

The seven points of the wrist, behind the ear, neck, waist, inner thigh, inner knee, and inner ankle, some are at the pulse beat, and the higher body temperature allows the perfume to be well diffused.

Some follow the perfume from the bottom to spread the truth, spray perfume in low places, and people face to face when talking, can make people notice a trace of fragrance lingering in the tip of the nose.

However, this spray method is really anti-human, step by step operation down like in the practice of a secret book of martial arts, and is going to go off the rails ...

Spray method

Before dressing, let the sprayer be about 10-20 centimeters away from your body and then spray the perfume, the wider the spray the better.

Or spray the perfume in the air in a wide range. Then walk slowly so that the perfume stays evenly on your body and leaves a light, fresh scent. 

This spraying method is very delicate, very elegant, very nice, it is also very ritualistic, however, the waste of perfume is much, the fragrance retention is also short, diffusion is more casual.

Dabbing method

If you use a dip bottle (a bottle without a nozzle), you can directly dab it behind the ears, wrists, and knees, but avoid rubbing it on the chest, shoulder blades, and pulse-beating position, within a slight dabbing to keep the perfumed light. 

The actual fact is that it's not very convenient to dip the bottle in the end, generally antique fragrances and Q fragrances are used more.

Well, the serious way to spray perfume is finished. Tell you about mine.

That is: feel free to spray!

How do you want to spray what you spray, how do you like how to spray!

Buying perfume is to be happy. A variety of ways to spray perfume, the final fragrance is actually not much different.

Generally, before leaving home, I will spray my wrists, neck, and clothes a little. Sometimes a good mood will spray more, bad mood less sprays some.

To stay fragrant for a long time, spray these places on it.

Especially the clothes, the fragrance can stay for a very long time, sometimes a few days there is still flavor. Be careful, do not spray on cotton or silk clothes, they will leave traces.

In addition, if you are engaged in the work of teachers, doctors, banks, or serious and rigorous categories, then choose a natural point of perfume, spray less, or not spray, do not affect others which is basic.

A few more tips for spraying perfume.

1. Perfume's biggest enemy is light and high temperature, spray perfume if you want to stay in the sun for a long time, it is best to stay in the sunless.

2. Do not spray on white clothes, some perfumes will stain...

3. Do not spray in sweaty parts, such as underarms. This is not a deodorant effect, only more difficult to describe.

4. Relatively speaking, a variety of fragrance notes in the woody fragrance stay longer, fresh hanging such as citrus tones, green leafy tones, due to the reasons of the fragrance material itself, the retention of fragrance will be shorter. 

If fragrance retention is important to you, and you can accept woody, woody is undoubtedly a better choice.

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