How to use expired essential oils do something?

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Because essential oils should not be used frequently, resulting in many babies' essential oils expiring before they are used up. I think it's too wasteful to throw them away.

Can I still use expired essential oils?

Expired essential oils should not be used directly on the skin. Expired oils with just the fragrance left will not give any help to the skin.

Expired essential oils may even contain bacteria, which will cause redness and itchiness on the skin, so expired oils should not be used directly on the skin.

How can I use expired essential oil?

Anti-mosquito liquid

Essential oil expired can be used as anti-mosquito liquid. Prepare a 20ml spray bottle, add pure water to the bottle to nine minutes full, then take out the expired essential oil, add lavender essential oil 2 drops + peppermint essential oil 3 drops + tea tree essential oil 3 drops + lemongrass essential oil 4 drops in the spray bottle.

Then the essential oil and water stirring mix evenly, you can spray on clothes or indoor mosquitoes more places, can effectively eliminate mosquitoes.


Although the expired essential oil can not be used directly on the skin, it still can be used for aromatherapy. Take 3-4 drops of the scent of the expired essential oil has not faded, drop in the aromatherapy lamp or humidifier can be, then the fragrance of the essential oil will be with the role of the aromatherapy lamp and humidifier, emitted into the air, effective soothing mood and purify the air.

Mop the floor

When mopping the floor, put a few drops of expired essential oil on the mop or floor, you will find that the floor becomes very shiny after mopping, and the whole room will also emit a fragrance of essential oil, the fragrance can even last a whole week, yo~.

Remove the smell

You can put a few drops of expired essential oil in the bottom of the garbage can or toilet, which can effectively remove the odor of the garbage can and toilet, and emit a fragrance of essential oil.

Leather care

Expired essential oils can also be used to care for leather goods, such as shoes, bags, or leather goods at home, after using expired essential oils wipe will be shinier. However, if it is a higher concentration of essential oils, it is recommended to dilute it and wipe it again.

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