Why Do You Hate Chemical Sensations Perfume?


I recently tried a new bottle of perfume, but as the chemically intense aquatic notes spilled out, my love for the fragrance left me.

You may ask,

What is A Chemical Sensations?

For example, the air freshener sold in dollar stores, the paint used to paint the wood, the cheap scented candles, the new plastic water cups, etc.

These smell bad, cheap, and unnatural like chemicals.

In perfume, I prefer to generalize this "smell" into a feeling, like the smell of a chemical plant when you pass by as a child, the smell of burning garbage, this smell can give you a synthetic feeling similar to rubber or plastic, even some sharp, etc., can be called a chemical sense.

So Where Does The Chemical Sensations Come From?

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A self-contained chemical fragrance

In general, there are some fragrance notes that come with a chemical sense, like aquatic notes (Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Giò, Issey Miyake L’Eau d’Issey pour Homme, etc.) They simulate the elements of the ocean, sea breeze, air, rain, and other cool elements, giving people a feeling of water and moisture.

But this element would have only been synthesized by artificial, it is easy to appear chemical sense.

Technical issues

The odors we smell in nature are actually quite complex.

As an example, a rose we smell is actually composed of more than five hundred scent molecules.

The natural, vivid and full-bodied aroma makes up our impression of a rose.

When preparing a rose perfume, if the perfumer is not skilled or sincere enough to accurately pinpoint the composition and number of scent molecules and maintain the balance between the scents, the "rose" will seem false and chemical in contrast to the natural rose we remember.

Some fragrances are designed to create a chemical feel, such as "Rubber" and "Tire Cleaner" by Diamante.

Crude chemical feeling

Many cottage fragrances or imitation fragrances have an indefinable chemical sense, at first smell, it seems to be so, but the texture is always indescribably uncomfortable.

A wonderfully balanced perfume is born, from the choice of fragrances to the ratio of ingredients, the finer details of the trim, after the perfumer, again and again, continue to choose and adjust.

The first thing is to dismantle the scent of the big brand perfume and choose similar and cheap raw materials to put together, without paying attention to the quality of the raw materials, the details of the restoration, only the pursuit of cost minimization.

Such imitation products, only a rough stand-in for the genuine product, missing the details and beauty of the perfume should have.

Like Cinderella's sister wearing a crystal shoe that does not belong to her, twisted and ridiculous.

Impact of daily chemical products

In the daily chemical products, you can often smell the smell of chemical sense, like strawberry-scented candles, lemon-scented air freshener, flower-scented laundry detergent, etc. These scents come from cheap artificial flavors, the smell gives people a hard, dull feeling.

If a bottle of perfume also uses a lot of similar fragrance elements, it will also form a very "chemical" experience.

In addition, because many daily chemical products like to simulate the smell of popular perfume brands.

You may have smelled a lot of "imitators" of big brand perfumes at some unconscious times, such as the aroma of the entrance of the mall, the air freshener on the car, the aroma on the tissue paper, etc.

The low-end daily chemical factories make crude imitations of perfume flavors, even more, concentrated and chemical, which invariably makes some perfumes look chemical and cheap.

How To Avoid The Chemical Sensations In Perfumes?

In fact, I don't think it's necessary to purposely avoid it, nor can it be avoided.

Everyone's perception and sensitivity to scents are different.

Some people are sensitive to the smell of alcohol, every bottle of perfume to him is a strong sense of alcohol chemical. Some people are sensitive to the spices of white flowers, the overbearing aroma of white flowers makes them feel an unnatural chemical sense.

So, the definition of chemical sense may be different for everyone, just like "bad smell" is a broad and no standard adjective.

When you smell more perfumes, you will naturally understand.

"What would you think if someone commented that your perfume smells chemical today?"

I didn't think twice: "If you think so, you think so, I like it just fine."

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